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Moving to International City Dubai Can Make You Sick

We are not joking, moving to international city Dubai can make you sick. If you are new to Dubai or planning to move from Sharjah to Dubai, there is no harm if you are looking for a lowest rental range dwelling in Dubai. The 1st place which is more popular with hundreds or even few thousand classifieds advertised on local real estate portals is international city Dubai.

Few facts which you should surely know about international city Dubai before signing rental agreement

The very 1st question is about which part of the community is more liveable. The community has designed in clusters. The community blocks are named after different countries like France, Persia, Italy etc. Almost, every building in these blocks has retail areas on ground floors. In the middle of the community, CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT has better buildings with covered car park, security & extra amenities like gym, swimming pools.

Rush Hours traffic conditions

There are two main entries & exits for the community. The first one is on Dubai highway E44 & the second main is on local D67. Both two exits get choked from 6 am to 9 am & vice versa in evenings.

Privacy & security

Overcrowded buildings with LOW or No private security gears. No or missing private security guard on the building. Crowded bachelors units & their unidentified NON-RESIDENT guests. Imagine yourself wearing moderate dressing & someone staring at you every day when you leave or come back from your workplace.

Car Parking nightmare

All buildings in the community have open parking lots for residents & ground floor shops/retail area. But it is almost full because of overcrowding & you may have to find parking 4 to 5 blocks away.


Do you have school going kids? Then this place is certainly not for you. No public or private schools within the community. Moreover, except few private polyclinics, the closest hospital is almost 15 Km drive. So be careful if you or your family member have some chronic disease which requires frequent or emergency medical care.


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